AlyTech Hurricane

Alytech Hurrycane

the possibilities of on-site Gas Standard Preparation

The GasMix™ Hurricane 12 channel Gas Standard Preparation System can prepare and automatically deliver gases in virtually all kinds of analytical instruments. The principle behind the GasMix is based on the dynamic mixing, diluting, and injecting of 5 to 12 gas standards.

International Standards Organizations (CEN or ISO) are publishing more methods that call for dynamic mixing of multipoint calibration standards; thus more laboratories are turning to on-site gas preparation for calibration validation of their instruments.

The GasMix™ Hurricane provides an automated, cost effective way for laboratories to validate their instruments.

Other application areas for the GasMix could include synthetic gas mixture generation or testing interference phenomena on analyzers.

AlyTech GasMix™ reduces the costs associated with gas preparation and renting gas cylinders



  • Ease of use
  • Resourceful and transportable
  • Reduced operator time
  • Calibration curves for each gas used

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