AlyTech GMRack

Alytech GMRackOn-site Customized Gas Preparation… in 19’’ rack !

Accurate & Repeatable On-site customized Gas Standard Preparation for single and multipoint calibration standards can now be retrieved on rack mounted analyzers thanks to GMRack, the 19" rack version of GasMix™ .

The AlyTech GMRack can automatically prepare gas standards for all kinds of rack mounted analytical instruments. The principle behind GasMix™ is based on mixing and diluting, two to four gas standards.


Embedded Software

Features of GasMix™ AIOLOS remain, and new functions are added:

  • Touch screen for easier control on site
  • Remote control by Ethernet through a classic version of the software
  • Possibility to upload or download data by front panel USB port



  • Ease of use
  • Transportable
  • Reduced Operator Tim
  • Calibration Curves for each used gas

GasMix™ is compliant with International standards method 6145 Gas Volumetric Preparation (ISO)

GasMixTM Aiolos

GasMixTM ATmo

GasMixTM LiqMix

GasMixTM Hurricane

GasMixTM Zephyr