Atomic Emission Detector (AED)

The JAS AED III is the only commercially available atomic emission detector (AED) for gas chromatographie. It lets you detect virtually all elements within any volatized compound (except helium, the carrier gas) at picogram-level sensitivities, with excellent selectivities. The JAS AED transports sophisticated research capabilities into a reliable, cost effective instrument that is easy to use and maintain - ideal both routine QA/QC and research laboratories.

Application Areas

The AED III is a versatile instrument which can be used for a large number of applications in different industries like:

  • petrochemical industry (e.g. sulfur in fuel, SimDis)
  • environmental analysis (e.g. organotin- or organomercury compounds, pesticide screening)
  • military (e.g. chemical warfare agents)
  • high-purity gases (trace analysis)
  • semiconductor industry
  • automotive industry



  • elementspecific detection of more than 26 elements
  • equimolar response
  • low detection limits
  • qualification and quantification
  • suitable for routine analysis and research
  • operating up to 450 °C
  • multi-element detection in one GC run
  • multi-element SimDis capabilities
  • element screening prior to MS analysis
  • rapid searching for target compounds
  • compoundindependent calibration


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