AlyTech Products

Founded in 1999, AlyTech has remained a specialist in the petroleum and petrochemical instrumentation business.

AlyTech is operated out of Paris, France and employs analytical chemists who have been dealing with laboratory and on-line instrumentation for more than 15 years. One of our activities in the past few years has been to develop a gas standard diluting, mixing and injecting device: GasMix™. This
instrumentation development addresses customers’ needs and uses state of the art electronics as well as the most recent hardware available on the market. Modern equipment is basically useless without powerful software. Our development uses the latest programming tools. Not only can we drive other manufacturers’ equipment but also anything which happens within the system is recorded in a secure audit trail.

Our development follows the demand of industry concerning the security and the traceability of an automatic operation.

Discover a comprehensive range of Diluting Gas Mixers of the GASMIX™:

GasMixTM Aiolos

GasMixTM ATmo

GasMixTM LiqMix

GasMixTM Hurricane

GasMixTM Zephyr

GasMixTM GMRack