Mission Statement

JAS was founded in 1995 to develop into a leading company for chromatography and spectroscopy system integration. The idea of serving the markets which mankind needs the most, in other words serving people, became the main driver to develop products helping the food, health and energy markets to analyze its products in a better, faster and more economical way. JAS strives to develop intelligent products, which avoids or at least eases sample preparation, the major cost driver in analytical chemistry.

Making things easy and affordable, by creating "simply smart solutions" and turning them into a "joint analytical system".


Corporate Philosphy

Joachim Gerstel
Founder & CEO

»At JAS the main focus is on customer satisfaction. Competence, quality and service are the guidelines, which conduct our actions. Through our support-driven organization and our customized service, we are able to develop your individual application in our laboratory and R&D department. With help of various partners we can serve our customers anywhere in the world, backed by a motivated team of engineers and scientists. We provide our customers with the highest quality level based on a single source solution and an allround service.«