Headspace Inlet 7410

The 7410 inlet provides automated headspace and canister analysis to laboratories that are primarily focused on gas phase sample analysis. Eliminating the rotary valves found in other large volume headspace systems, the 7410 is ideal for increased concentration dynamic range without carryover. This also increases the molecular weight range that can be reliably analyzed without contamination. The 7410 moves the transfer line to each sample position and draws the sample through the Micro-QT™ septumless interface. After very brief sample contact, the Silonite® coated transfer line is immediately flushed with helium to ensure complete sample removal.


  • Direct Inlet Robotics Eliminates rotary valves from the flow path.
  • Clean Analysis System Minimal contact with sample ensures superior system hygiene.
  • Silonite® Coated Transfer Line Inserts directly into sample interface, maximizing transmission of headspace compounds.
  • Flexible Analysis Compatible with a wide range of sample canisters and vials (20mL to 1400mL).
  • Expandable System Run up to 10 MiniCans™ and Bottle-Vacs™ using canister adapters. Optional oven units expand system capability and throughput. Connect a 7016 Autosampler for expanded GC Silonite® canister analysis.